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Champion is the highest enemy strength classification that gives the enemy a large amount of heath and advanced abilities. Often times, these enemies are found on different worlds, out in the open for anyone to attack, though a good portion of the time these bosses are found in mission areas. These creatues have abnormallly high amount of hit points (hp) and have Boss Immunity, which makes them immune to incapacitating or movement-impairing effects.

List of Champions by Planet

(This does not include world bosses)



Nar Shaddaa



Voss (partial list)

  • Ancient Sith Dreadnought (X:2196, Y:-142; enter at 2084,-134)
  • Boss Zraska (X:2252, Y:-80; enter at 2053,-13)
  • Brakka the Inquisitor (X:106, Y:2443; on platform)
  • Drakus, The Devourer (X:-263, Y:-2194)
  • Drumond (X:1827, Y:-1067)
  • Grikton The Deciever [sic] (X:1337, Y:-2720; enter at 1182,-2760)
  • Kanis (X:-1272, Y:-1122)
  • Kleiv the Wanderer (X:1532, Y:999)
  • Krakkus (X:881, Y:477)
  • Krukal, Gormak Seer (X:-1228, Y:-2565)
  • Kurik the Defiler (X:-701, Y:-2476)
  • Qusak (X: 2005, Y:-609)
  • Sorak (X: 2005, Y:-609)
  • Tarkunis The Watcher (X:-894, y:-1275)
  • Tittus the Destroyer (X:584, Y:-652)
  • Vitrous the Vile (X:2052, Y:254)
  • Vrakus (X:-1196, Y:-135)
  • Zrak the Twisted (X:816, Y:-428)
  • Zukkus (X:881, Y:477)