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Defender-class light corvette
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Twin laser cannons
Concussion missile launchers


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94 meters

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71 meters


Galactic Republic



"During the Great War, the Jedi Order was granted use of Republic military vessels, but these starships proved unsuitable for the specialized assignments Jedi often undertake. Eventually the Jedi Council decided to commission a new corvette, custom-built for Jedi missions. The Defender-class corvette is built on two decks. The lower deck is based on a standard keel and houses a cargo hold, engine compartment and full medical bay. Most of the Defender’s customization is on the flight deck, which includes a private cabin and meditation chamber, along with a state-of-the-art cockpit. At the center of the ship is a spacious conference room equipped with a holo communicator for discussions with the Jedi Council or diplomatic talks. Although peace is a key tenet of the Jedi, so is self-defense. In case of hostile action, the Defender possesses a high-powered shield array and twin laser cannons."
―In-game Codex (Starship)[src]

The Defender-class light corvette is a light corvette starship. During the Great Galactic War, the Jedi Order was granted use of Republic military vehicles, but these starships proved to be unsuitable for the specialized assignments Jedi often undertake. Eventually the Jedi High Council decided to commission a new corvette, custom built for Jedi missions only.


Test flights

Hylo Visz, one of it's first test pilots.

The first of these vessels produced was to be piloted by a member of the Jedi Order during a test flight. Before the Jedi arrived however, the ship was infiltrated by Hylo Visz, a Mirialan smuggler who had been betrayed by the Rendili Corporation. Visz attempted to steal the ship, but was interrupted when the Jedi client arrived for the test flight and boarded the prototype. The smuggler was determined to pilfer the experimental project however, and so assaulted and incapacitated the Jedi. After dumping him on landing pad A-23 of the Rendili Corporate facility, Visz departed Corellia and used the ship as her own personal smuggling vessel. [1] Though the prototype had been stolen, the theft did not hinder the Rendili Corporation from production of the ship for the Jedi Order. Visz later named the prototype Vanguard.

Blockading Korriban

In the years following the years after the Jedi Civil War, when the remnants of the Sith Empire led by Darth Revan had been destroyed, the Republic kept a presence in the space around the ancient Sith world of Korriban to prevent any Sith from resettling there. When the Sith Empire, destroyed at the conclusion of the Great Hyperspace War, returned to Republic space, at least one of these Defender-class corvette was patrolling the planet. It was destroyed by the Imperial fleet as the Empire retook it's sacred training and burial world.

Personal Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular starship

These ships would later be used during the Cold War as the personal ship of the Jedi Knight character and the Jedi Consular character that served as their home base when on missions for the Jedi Council and against the Sith Empire. As the Jedi Knight's ship would help attack against the The Emperor’s Space Station orbiting Dromund Kaas to capture the Sith Emperor and turn him to the light side. Unfortunately this mission would fail and the Jedi Knight along with Jedi Master Tol Braga and two other Jedi Knights would be brainwashed into serving the Emperor on missions to recreate the conditions for the Emperor's ritual. Thanks to the help of Jedi Master Orgus Din, the Jedi Knight was able to overcome the brainwashing and was able to rescue Kira Carsen and the other members of the ship's crew with the help of the Emperor's Wrath, known as Lord Scourge. They escaped the station and returned to Tython and continued to fight against the Empire.

As for the Jedi Consular, the ship would be used for the Jedi Consular's travels to different planets that contained Jedi Masters infected by a severely dark and powerful plague. The Jedi Consular healed the afflicted masters, then tracked the plague master down to his flagship. The Jedi Consular's corvette would take the Jedi to the flagship of the plaguemaster, Lord Vivicar. After defeating Vivicar and redeeming him as the Jedi he should be, and expelling the spirit of the evil Sith Lord Terrak Morrhage from his body, the Jedi was named Jedi Consular, Warden of the Jedi Order, and became a Jedi Master.

Following this, the Jedi Consular was notified of the Rift Alliance, a series of powerful worlds that were threatening to break off from the Republic, but contained vital armies, guilds, commerce and trade routes. The Jedi Consular was appointed by the Supreme Chancellor Janarus and the Jedi High Council to be an ambassador that could keep the Rift Alliance with the Republic. The Jedi Consular's wisdom, insight, intelligence and diplomatic skills were believed to be unparalleled, and was therefore chosen for the mission. The Jedi Consular's corvette would take its master to numerous worlds that were part of the Rift Alliance and give cover to Rift Alliance members being attacked by a mysterious organization. After successfully convincing the Rift Alliance to join the Republic, the Jedi Consular was tasked with engaging the Empire in an all out war.

The Jedi Consular was notified of the Children of the Emperor, powerful Sith assassins and infiltrators that were infused with the Emperor's strength and were responsible for the attacks on the Rift Alliance members. The Jedi Consular's ship would take its master around the galaxy to raise a fleet, army of droids, Voss Commandos and Voss Mystics, and Esh-kha led by Hallod Voice. The Jedi Consular then traveled around the galaxy via the Corvette, defeating numerous Children of the Emperor, before defeating its most powerful member, The First Son. The Jedi Consular then gained a seat on the Jedi High Council and would use the Corvette to travel around the galaxy to aid those in need and combat the Sith.


The corvette has a smooth hull and is propelled by two circular engins, the cockpit rested in a hammerhead-style outcropping, similar to that of the Thranta-class corvette, although oriented horizontally instead of vertically. The interior of the vessel boasted a state of the art holo communications terminal and lush furnishings, as well as back lit controls in the cockpit, allowing for dimmer lighting.






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