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Flesh Raiders


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"Fierce creatures with an unrelenting hunger, Flesh Raiders are believed to be Tython’s only sentient natives. They are at least partially intelligent, capable of building shelters and assembling basic weapons from scavenged technology, but attempts to communicate have all ended violently. Known for devouring their prisoners and any animals they come across, the Flesh Raiders were formerly content to live in their primitive, bone-strewn camps in the hills. More recently, the expansion of the Jedi and the defenseless Twi'lek Pilgrims seem to have drawn the Flesh Raiders into the valleys. No one knows where the Flesh Raiders came from. Some speculate they were once a civilized people, driven to cannibalism and madness over years of isolation. Others fear they are the result of dark side experiments. Whatever their origins, the Flesh Raiders have only grown more powerful and numerous over the years, and they are quickly becoming a blight on Tython."
―In-game Codex (Species)[src]

Flesh Raiders are a race of primitive humanoids native to the planet Tython.


This species uses mostly anything they find laying around as armor which includes junk as well as random parts. The armor serves as something functional to provide protection or non functional pieces to make the Flesh Raiders appear more aggressive. Around 11 ATC, two individuals, Callef and Bengel Morr, started training the Raiders to the point where they could use ranged weaponry and even The Force. Some have also been seen trained as Jedi and could speak.



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