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Mandalorians honoring their dead warriors in a kote kyr'am or "glory death"

The Mandalorian Death Ceremony ("kote kyr'am" in Mando'a) was an event where Mandalorians honor their fallen warriors who died facing impossible odds.

To ensure their warrior's spirit can join their Mandalorian paragons, the body is burned on an elevated pyre. Clan members send shouts into the sky, bellowing war cries and retelling feats. The night becomes a celebration of drunken feasting and brawling in honor of the dead.

Thus far the only outsider to ever be given this honor was the deceased Sith Lord, Darth Raze. She singlehandedly rescued a Mandalorian clan from a battalion of twenty Jedi on Dantooine.  The clan were so moved by her skill and fearless in battle that they broke tradition and honored her as an fallen sister. There has been no other outsider given this honor since.


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